St Mary's Church Whitton

Daffodil Daze

50 years ago some of the then parishioners of St Mary’s Church Whitton planted clusters of wild daffodils in the churchyard; in their undisturbed environment they have spread and multiplied and mixed in with the cultivated daffodils and crocuses that others have planted on the graves, with the result that every Spring the churchyard is now a carpet of wild and cultivated daffodils. This is such a wonderful sight that for several years Whitton has held an annual “Daffodil Daze” weekend. Since the timing that the daffodils reach their peak varies from year to year, the Daffodil Weekend is not a fixed date but is well signposted locally, advertised in the local press, and the dates are also given on this web site. It is well worth a visit at any time of year, but during the Daffodil Daze weekend teas and scones are available, there is also a book stall and cake stall, and people are on hand to answer any questions about the church, the churchyard, or the Burne-Jones window.

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