St Mary's Church Whitton

Whitton in Bloom - Carpenters House

Carpenters House was once the home of the original Carpenter’s Shop where wagon wheels and coffins were made for the surrounding area, and the carpenter also worked as a general builder. One result of this particular activity was that when the present owners bought the property the majority of the garden was under concrete, some of it 8 inches thick, which all had to be broken up with a sledgehammer before anything could be achieved in the garden. It is hard to believe now that the gardens were only started 3½ years ago. Winding paths with reclaimed bricks from Knowbury wend their way through a rampant sheltered cottage garden where the visitor will find many unusual perennials as well as the traditional delphiniums, roses, lilies and clematis and a garden of giants including inula, cardoons, rodgersia, crambe cordifolia, cephalaria gigantea and purple angelica.

Sitting happily among these treats can also be found an Edwardian bird feeder and old statuary collected over the years, and the artist’s eye of the owners is evident in the detail found throughout such as the loving arrangements of old terracotta pots. A small pond with magnificent water lilies attracts dragonflies and other pond life.

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