Parish Magazine for December 2008

Pencil sketch by W A Green


We extend a warm welcome to Peter and Colleen Child who have recently moved into The Granary. We hope they will enjoy being part of Whitton.


We send our congratulations to Sam Edwards on passing his driving test at the first attempt. Rose says she has now lost the use of her car!


On Tuesday 7th October whilst mowing the churchyard a terrific storm blew up. Taking shelter in the porch I was approached by a large group (20) of elderly but intrepid visitors - absolutely drenched to the skin. They had come from various churches in Wales led by an exceedingly well researched member of the party. They were very interested in the Burne-Jones window, the Chalice in the stonework, the Italian mosaic flooring around the altar, the Medieval Preaching Cross and the unusual arrangement of the font in its own baptistery. It was fortunate that I was in the church at the time as I was able to fill in the gaps in their knowledge. The leader of the group then produced a £10 note and said “ No, not for you young man, for the church”. Having explained that the tower has been recently restored a member of the party asked if they could go into the tower! One of the group later wrote in the visitors book “I'm 85 years old and I went up the ladder into the tower! Wonderful!” Wonderful indeed.

PS Another score for our fabulous website, as this is how they found us. Well done Sally.

PCC Meeting

The October PCC was well attended. The main items that were discussed/agreed were as follows:-

Annual Service of Remembrance …

Was certainly a “Service to Remember” - the rain had been coming down in sheets for hours and continued without abatement right up until the time that the service was due to start. 35 hardy souls braved the elements, including our organist Don Hearn all arriving with webbed feet!! By 6.30 pm the rain had almost stopped but Rev Judith Dunkling and Hilary Morgan, who were due to conduct the service, had found it impossible to get through. It was decided to proceed with a shortened Service of Remembrance together with prayers and the National Anthem. AT THIS POINT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT and the main fuse box was found to be on fire!!! “All the electrical experts” gathered round to give their opinion as to what had occurred, the outcome being that a loose connection on the main input lead was loose and therefore arcing and had blown the main fuse. The Service took place amid the smoke by candle and torch light, conducted by Tony Easteal ably assisted by Sam Edwards and Sophie Cavenagh and Mrs Edie Rhoden laid the wreath. After the service the Electricity Company were contacted and by 10.30pm all was serviceable once again. All of our trials and tribulations were nothing compared with the like of those who fought for our freedom and our future in all the conflicts that have beset our world for the past 90 years. Our thanks to all of those who helped and supported us on the night; to those who prepared the prayers that they could not use; those who had supplied and arranged flowers that could not be seen; and those who stayed to make sure that all was well with the church before leaving for home. In Whitton we contributed £76.07 to the Poppy Appeal, which included £25.00 from the church for the Poppy Wreath.

Fund Raising

Christmas Concert: Friday 5th December with the Bell Inn Band at 7.30 pm. Tickets £6.00 includes punch, mince pies and lucky ticket draw. May I please ask for your usual generous offer of mince pies; also draw prizes would be welcomed.

Tuesday 16th December - An evening of Carols, Readings, Music and Song at Hope Bagot Village Hall 7.30 pm. Tickets £5 includes hot supper. Please bring your own drink - glasses will be provided.

Saturday 14th February 2009 - Valentine's Supper Dance - Hope Bagot Village Hall.

Christmas Services

Sunday 21st December - Joint Greete and Whitton Carol Service of 9 Lessons and Carols at St. James' Church, Greete at 6.30 pm.

Wednesday 24th December - Christmas Eve (Midnight Mass at 9.00 p.m.!!) Carols and Holy Communion for Christmas.

Advance Notice

Church Lunch - Sunday 22nd February 2009 at The Granary, Collington (a month later than usual because on Sunday 25th January Rev Claire Lording will be licensed as Priest-in-Charge of Clee Hill).


We are currently in the process of drawing up rotas for 2009. If anyone would like to join the rota for taking intercessions or readings, would they kindly speak to Michael.

Magazine money

Just to remind those of you who pay by calendar year that your subscription will be due on 1st January; if you pay before 31st January the cost will be £6.50 a year or otherwise it will be £7.80 (note a slight increase).

49 Club

Sally Thompson writes “A big thank you to all the people who stepped in to fill the vacancies in the 49 Club at the beginning of the year enabling it to run at full strength all year, with a continuing waiting list. For those wondering what it's all about, there are 49 members paying £1 a week with a weekly prize of £25 and a donation of £24 to the church. The prize goes to the person whose number matches the Bonus Ball on the National Lottery every Saturday - so no undue influence takes place! (If it did, no doubt I would win occasionally.) As a result of your membership, we will have paid out £1,300 in prizes and made a donation to the church of £1,248 in 2008. Well done everyone.

You can pay monthly in advance by cash or cheque, and extra thanks are due to those who save my carbon footprint by paying several months at a time or giving me post-dated cheques.”

If you would like to go on the waiting list please contact Sally Thompson on 01584-890570.

Many thanks Sally for all your hard work which is very much appreciated.

Recent winners were:

  1. October 18th - Morgan Jones
  2. October 25th - The Perks Family
  3. November 1st - John and Pauline Atkinson
  4. November 8th - Morgan Jones


At this time of year I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the life and work of the church and community. We have once again had a busy, lively and enjoyable year of fellowship. Special thanks to our organist Mr Don Hearn for his wonderful musical accompaniment and to Rose Edwards for the numerous excellent chocolate birthday cakes she makes throughout the year to celebrate parishioners' birthdays.


A Text for Christmas time

  1. May the spirit of the season bring you peace,
  2. The gladness of the season bring you hope.
  3. The warmth of the season grant you love.
  4. May the peace and joy of the season by yours throughout the New Year.
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