Parish Magazine for March 2009

Pencil sketch by W A Green

New arrival

We send our Congratulations and Best Wishes to Clare and John on the safe arrival of Cierān John Salisbury born at Ludlow Hospital on Wednesday 21st January 2009 weighing in at 7Ibs 4ozs.

Maramba Deanery

During William and Edward's visit to the Tenbury Team in June last year, they saw a rotavator at Bill Nield's house and were much taken with the ease of cultivation it afforded. William enjoyed taking it for a trial run and had to be prised away from the controls as time was running short!

At the next PCC meeting Bill reported on William's great interest in the rotavator and suggested that Whitton's contribution to the Team link should be something on these lines. After several parishioners had talked and thought about Maramba it was proposed at the October PCC meeting that Whitton should indeed sponsor the purchase of a rotavator. Whilst Peter and Jenny Metcalfe were visiting Maramba they mentioned the project to William who knew just which of his parishes could make good use of same! This is the sub-parish of Mtapwa, an area of 500 acres of fertile land where the rotavator would be of great help in developing the projects of growing mangoes, cashew nuts, maize and sugar cane.

Having confirmed the availability of lead-free petrol in the area I'm sure William and the people of Mtapwa are looking forward to receiving their new tool; therefore the appeal is now officially launched and we are looking to raise £500.00. I am pleased to announce that several donations have already been received and that Mac has offered to organise another of his dreaded quizzes so get your thinking caps on, the date will be confirmed as soon as possible. Any other ideas for fund raising or donations please to Bill Nield or myself.

Annual PCC

The Annual PCC meeting will be held in Church at 7.30 p.m. on Monday 23rd March 2009. This is a meeting open to everyone on the Church Electoral Roll ? come along and have your say as the Church is such an important part of the community.

Mothering Sunday

Please join us on this special day for families at our Service on Sunday 22nd March at 10 a.m., led by Rev. Claire Lording. Celebrate Mothering Sunday with all families and enjoy simnel cake and blessing and presentation of posies after the service. Offers of help with making the posies would be appreciated. We look forward to a good attendance.

Daffodil Daze

As I write (09/02/09) the daffodils are making little progress due to the cold autumn and the recent snow. It is therefore difficult to predict the dates for Daffodil Daze at this stage. Please keep an eye out for the advertising boards. Offers of cakes and help with the tea and stewardship rota will be appreciated.

Operation Christmas Child

This year 1.2 million filled shoe-boxes were delivered to needy children in 13 countries thoughout Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa. Children such as 11 year old Shella who lives with her family in a steel storage container in Pristina, Kosova. These 'homes' were provided by the government in 1999 for families displaced by war. As you can imagine, not a comfortable place to live, very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Shella was especially pleased with her pens and notepads as she is able to go to school and she enjoys it. Then there is Merita who lives with her mother and sister on the edge of a rubbish tip at the Roma camp in Bar, Montenegro - she and her sister are not allowed to go to school so she loved receiving a ball to play with. 3 year old Arbor in hospital in Kosova loved his woolly hat and his toothbrush! Arbor has a lung infection and his parents have to pay for the injections he needs - each one costing one sixth of their monthly income - think of this when we moan about the N.H.S.!

Each shoebox brings happiness to these families and lets them know they are not forgotten. Thanks again to you all. — Kath Bills

Summer Pop Concert

Plans are going ahead for the Pop Concert at Parkside, Whitton on Saturday 6th June so make a note in your diaries to come along and bop your cares away.

49 Club

Recent winners were:

  1. January 17th Viv and Tony Pimm
  2. January 24th John Champkin
  3. January 31st Viv and Tony Pimm
  4. February 7th Mick and Carole Peplow.

Prayer for the month

  1. Creator God,
  2. in love you made the wonders of the universe, the treasures of the earth?and us in your own image.
  3. May your love give us strength to strengthen others, in faith and in hope,
  4. as we share the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord. — Amen
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