Parish Magazine for March 2011

Pencil sketch by W A Green

Church Lunch

The service of Holy Communion on Sunday 23rd January could have proved to be a rather sombre event after the news of the death of our dear friend Oli McPherson on the afternoon of 19th January. But in the event it was really nothing of the kind as, mingled with the sadness of her passing, there poured forth a fount of fond memories, anecdotes and much laughter from so many of her friends both new and old. A measure of the lady's popularity and presence. The service was a delight of good singing of favourite hymns led by Claire in her usual and calming fashion. The sermon given by Gordon Bailey was of just the right tenor to fit the occasion. It was a joy for us all that Margaret (one of Oli's sisters) and Nic were able to join us for the service. Afterwards thirty of us repaired to The Queens restaurant in Ludlow for a first class lunch with appropriate toasts to Oli and including a Champagne toast to round off the occasion supplied and proposed by Bill Nield - and in her words Cheers, Cheers, Cheers. Touch my bottom (of the glass that is with the bottom of yours). — Tony Easteal

Brain of Whitton

A packed village hall saw the latest round of the now World Famous Brain of Britain Quiz, twelve teams sweated buckets of blood over the fiendishly difficult questions set by our quizmaster who now goes by the name Mac the Sadist. Mac was ably assisted by Topsy Easteal who coped incredibly well except in matters of counting from 1 to 12!! In all the attendance was 50 people and we were delighted to welcome some new faces, Knowbury was particularly well supported with four teams including the Calendar Girls, no stripping due to the rather inclement weather. During the interval a variety of hot casseroles was served thanks to the incredible efforts of Aileen, Kath, Betty, Linda, Anne and Topsy. These lovely ladies never fail to come up trumps on these occasions but this time they exceeded even their own high standards. The food was absolutely delicious and highly appreciated by everyone. Thank you, ladies, it's your efforts that go a long way to making these events the success they are. Susie Duncan did a magnificent job extracting every last penny from people for the raffle tickets and raised £90 and thanks to all prize donators. Also thanks to Michael Atkinson for acting as runner with the answer sheets. More thanks to Bill Nield and Richard Tompkins for helping Michael get the hall ready in the morning and special thanks to Michael for all the work he puts in behind the scenes, without him we wouldn't have half the events we do. Thank you Michael. The quiz was won by The Whippets, a mongrel team of mixed Whitton and Greete parentage, Mary and Barry Winn and Sue and Ray Amos with 57 points and Calendar Girls were second with 53 points. In total over £300 was raised for the Church Fabric Fund so many thanks to everyone who supported what was generally agreed was a superb fun filled evening. Finally, special thanks to Mac for acting as quizmaster, please do another one, Mac, but can you make the questions just a bit easier as my team came twelfth out of twelve. — Mac and Michael

Pancake Race

Dig out your running shoes and join us on Shrove Tuesday 8th March at 10.00am for our annual race up the road and back again - tossing your pancake as you go!!! Please bring your own frying pan - pancakes will be provided. Afterwards you are all invited to Alan and Ysy's at Whitton Farm for pancakes, tea, coffee, lots of chat and laughter and perhaps a glass of sherry. Look forward to seeing you all. (Non-runners welcome)!!! — Topsy

Annual PCC meeting

The Annual PCC meeting will be held in Church at 7.30 pm on Monday 28th March 2011. This is a meeting open to everyone on the Church Electoral Roll - come along and have your say as the Church is such an important part of the community.

Daffodil Daze

We are hoping to be able to hold this event this year, you may recall that last year it would have coincided with the Easter Weekend and for that reason we were unable to hold it. As I write (1/2/11) there is no sign of the daffodils, therefore, it is not yet possible to predict the dates.


Many, many thanks to David Rhoden for all his efforts in cutting the remaining churchyard grass. I know it was very hard work, but your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you David.

49 Club

Sally Thompson writes: Oli McPherson was a staunch supporter of the 49 Club, subscribing for a ticket for her grandchildren as well as herself. There were therefore two vacant numbers available on her death which have been taken by the next two people on the waiting list: Helen and Anthony Brand (No 35), and Janet and John Williams (No 19). We wish them every luck with their numbers for the remainder of 2011. Please contact Sally Thompson (890570) if you wish to be on the waiting list.

Recent winners were:

  1. January 15th Christine Bourne
  2. January 22nd Betty Ward
  3. January 29th Pauline Deffley
  4. February 5th Rob and Lynda Evans

Cleaning Rota for March

Linda Drew and Betty Ward

Prayer for Lent

Come to me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. — Matthew 11.28

From the Parish Register

Funeral Wednesday 2nd February Olive (Oli) Grace McPherson

Oli was born in Clee St Margaret in 1937, a third daughter for her parents Ernie and Betty Heighway and later lived in Stoke St Milborough. She worked at Attingham, Rolls Royce and started Nursery Nurse training looking after children in Ludlow, Cheshire and Cheltenham. Oli became ill and was unable to work for a year and came back to Ludlow where she met and married Neil, they had two sons Andy and Euan. Sadly Neil died aged 49, but Oli soldiered on and worked part-time at The Buttery Bar, Church Inn and did catering in and around Ludlow, but was always home in time for her boys. Andy and Sue gave Oli two wonderful grandchildren, Melchi and Tali. She also saw Euan and Yvonne married last September.

Oli first met the Rev Colin Hutt when he officiated at Neil's funeral and they became special friends. Oli moved to Whitton, where Colin was Team Vicar. Oli was a very regular and committed Christian churchgoer; she had a great faith which stood her in great stead throughout her last illness, which she bore with enormous dignity and with at times, much laughter.

Oli moved to Whitton 14 years ago and soon became the hostess for many church social occasions known as Oli's Do's. Her kindness and generosity was unstinting. One of her favourite occasions was Oli's Posh Do where we all turned up in dinner jackets, bow ties and “very posh frocks”, a wonderful evening. She was always smiling and bubbly and saw the best in everyone, one of life's special people.

At her funeral in St Mary's, there was standing room only, a great tribute from all who knew and loved her. A lovely service was led by Rev Claire Lording, with Oli's favourite hymns. Margy, her second eldest sister, Euan and Claire all had lots of wonderful memories and anecdotes to tell us about.

Oli was laid to rest with her husband Neil and beside her parents in Stoke St Milborough churchyard. Her memorial donations were divided between St Mary's Church and St Milburgha's Church.

Oli was one of life's gems, a very special and lovely lady. We will all miss her. — Topsy Easteal

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