Parish Magazine for October 2013

Pencil sketch by W A Green

What an Undertaking

At a meeting of the PCC in March 2005 the parish was presented with its quinquennial report on the state of the fabric of the church building. To say the very least it made unhappy reading. From the Tower to the Chancel and everything in between was stated to be in need of urgent repair. The PCC, after much discussion, formulated a plan of restoration to be carried out over a ten year period with at least the main problems sorted by the next quinquennial inspection in 2010. On taking advice from our architects and expert opinion from English Heritage it was decided to split the works into three distinct ‘lots’ and treat them in the order from what was perceived to be the most urgent to that which could wait a few more years without serious damage. The Chancel was deemed the most at risk with a very clear concern that, if something was not done quickly, both the structure and the Burne Jones window were in danger of becoming unstable.

The window was removed for conservation whilst the Chancel was underpinned and the stonework secured with ‘anchors’ set through the East wall. Next it was the turn of the tower. At some time in the 1950s the ringing floor of the tower was removed and nothing put in its place to anchor the walls which had started to bulge outwards to the extent that the baptistery had to be put out of bounds owing to concerns about falling masonry. The work was completed including new floors and access to the roof, new lead works and a re-gilded weather vane by the time of the next quinquennial in 2010.

The final stage of the programme was to re-roof the whole of the Chancel, Nave, Vestry and Porch. This work went out to tender in 2012 and work started in April 2013. It is now finished and the whole church is really looking at its best and hopefully, with care and maintenance, will now stand for many years to come to the Glory of God and to the delight and comfort of the whole community. The restoration had come ‘home’ in seven years instead of the ten allowed and, more or less, on budget. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped in any way to raise the funds of £130,000 plus required to achieve this momentous undertaking which at the meeting in 2005 was thought to be perhaps beyond such a small community within the time scale set. But we proved that where there is a will there is a way both in prayer and in sheer hard work and commitment. — Tony Easteal


We extend a warm welcome to Laura Huntbach and her partner Oli who have recently moved into Little Paddocks. We hope they will be very happy in their new home and enjoy being part of the Whitton community. At the same time we said a fond farewell to Toddy and Edna Harman - Edna kindly opened her garden on several occasions for the village open gardens event. Thank you for your support.


Many thanks to all those who have worked extremely hard in the mammoth task of cutting the grass, raking up and mowing. It looks wonderful. It is hoped that this work will be completed shortly. Thank you to all concerned.

Re-Dedication Service combined with Harvest Festival

Everyone is warmly invited to this special service of Holy Communion which will be taken by Rev Claire Lording on Sunday 13th October at 11.30am and it will be followed by our Harvest Festival lunch on the theme of Loaves and Fishes. Could I kindly ask for your usual generous offers of flowers and produce to decorate the church, and also offers of food and ideas for the lunch to Kath Bills please on 01299 270367. We look forward to a good attendance. This service will replace the normal Evensong.

PCC Meeting

The PCC meeting will be held at The Cottage, Whitton, on Monday 21st October at 7.30pm.

Village Bulb Planting

On Sunday 1st September a Bring and Buy was held in the garden of The Cottage by kind invitation of Chris and Ann Kemp and teas were served to raise funds for the Village Bulb Planting Project. Many thanks to all who contributed in so many ways and raised £262. The bulb planting will begin (weather permitting) on 5th/6th October say between 10.30am and 11am. All offers of help would be appreciated. Contact Janet and Graham on 891391 or Chris and Ann on 891500 for further details.

49 Club

Recent winners were:

  1. August 17th Michael Holmes
  2. August 24th Peter Britten
  3. August 31st Don Hearn
  4. September 7th Rob and Lyn Evans

Cleaning Rota for October

Mrs Lyn Wozencroft

Prayer for Harvest

Almighty and Everlasting God, we offer you our hearty thanks for your fatherly goodness and care in giving us the fruits of the earth in their season. Give us grace to use them rightly, to your glory, for our own wellbeing and for the relief of those in need. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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