Parish Magazine for January 2017

Pencil sketch by W A Green

Tony and I wish you all a very happy and peaceful new year

Don Hearn 1931-2016

It is with the greatest sadness that I have to report the passing of our dear and long standing friend Don Hearn.

Don was the most charming man, acutely intelligent, a fantastic musician and a master of the one liner riposte to comments he found either amusing or needing an alternative response. That said, I never heard him lose his ‘cool’ (a word he would never have used in this context) nor run down or undermine another's opinion, always expressing the view that everyone was entitled to their opinion and that we forgot that at our peril.

Don played the organ at our services at Whitton for over thirty years, never seeming to miss a Sunday at either Evensong or Communion. During the last few years he struggled to play as his hands and fingers began to give up on him and I am aware that he was in much discomfort at times. Eventually even he had to admit defeat and give up on his beloved music and God-given talent.

We missed you then Don, and we still miss you now - may you rest in peace in God's house of many rooms - go with our love and greatest respect - and may God bless you and keep you always. — Tony Easteal

Parish Lunch

This will take place after morning service on 22nd January at Bennetts End, Knowbury. Menus are available from me.

Any items of news that you would like included in the magazine need to be handed to me in writing and I shall be pleased to publish them.

49 Club

Recent winners were:

  1. 12th November George Baker
  2. 19th November Dawn Hoskins
  3. 26th November Bill Nield
  4. 3rd December Janté and Andrew Baird

Readers for January

Church Cleaning

Prayer for the New Year

  1. God bless our year
  2. giving us time for the task
  3. peace for the pathway
  4. wisdom for the work
  5. friends for the fireside
  6. love to the last
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