St Mary's Church Whitton

Pancake Race

The now well-established Whitton pancake race held on Shrove Tuesday is always well supported, with new competitors and spectators every year despite occasionally having to dodge a few showers. Champions Michael the Whitton Whippet and the Racing Reverend Claire are usually to be seen eagerly clutching their frying pans at the starting gate and determined to hold onto their number one ranking.

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The race is a unisex one with a good number of entries. The contestants have to run from the Whitton Farm/Paddocks area up to the church and back, tossing their pancake at least once at the start, once at the church and once at the end. Due to an unfortunate accident dropping her pancake at the start of the race in 2008, the then reigning ladies' champion the Racing Reverend Claire got off to a bad start and failed to keep her crown. Had her pancake perhaps been nobbled? We couldn't possibly say.

She was however ably supplanted that year by a new entrant, three-year old Amanda (surname withheld because she couldn't cope with the fame nor quite manage to sign her autograph at the time) who did it must be admitted have a slight advantage in starting half way round the course and who thrillingly finished in second place; she was also the only contestant with her mother running as her pacemaker. However, the men's champion Michael Holmes still frequently manages to speed to an amazing finish and remains victor ludorum.

Copious amounts of sherry and pancakes are then traditionally consumed.